The latest formal revision of the Canadian National White-nose Syndrome Decontamination Protocol. This document offers guidance on practices that minimize the chance of people further moving this fungus to new areas and expanding this epidemic. The recommendations are based on the best available evidence to-date.

The Cave Research Foundation in partnership with the USDA Forest Service's Monongahela National Forest produced this 21-minute video for training people who conduct approved research in caves on the Forest. The film provides an overview of the importance of bats, the threat of white-nose syndrome and the importance of decontamination. It is also a great example of the importance of working together to conserve bats.

Parks Canada's newest short video about white-nose syndrome, cave-entry and decontamination.

The latest formal revision of the United States National White-nose Syndrome Decontamination Protocol to prevent the spread of the fungus that causes white-nose syndrome. This document is the product of a collaborative effort between multiple federal and state agencies and several non-governmental organizations.