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Alabama adding Lauderdale County as suspect.

Tennessee confirming Claiborne, Greene, Meigs and Union counties.

April 19, 2013 WNS map
April 19, 2013 WNS map550.86 KB

Massachusetts reporting Barnstable County confirmed.

Georgia reporting Gilmer County as confirmed.

Kentucky reporting Elliott, Whitley, Jackson, Pulaski, Meade and Rockcastle counties confirmed.

April 12, 2013 WNS map
April 12, 2014 WNS map551.84 KB

“White-nose syndrome” (WNS) is an emerging fungal disease of North American bat species.

Ohio adds Jefferson County as suspect. New York adds Cataraugus County as suspect.
April 8, 2013 WNS map
April 8, 2013 WNS map548.02 KB

Missouri confirming Washington and Franklin counties.

Tennessee confirming Hickman, Perry, Lewis, Lawrence, Dickson, White, Grundy, Marion, and Putnam counties.

March 29, 2013 WNS map
March 29, 2013 WNS map557.34 KB

Updated map for 3/21/2013

Ontario, Canada confirms a portion of the Sudbury District

Georgia confirms Walker County

Pennsylvania reports Cumberland County as suspect



Updated WNS map for 3/21/2013
Updated WNS map 3/21/2013554.26 KB
Updated WNS map, March 12, 2013 Dade County, Georgia is confirmed.
March 12, 2013 WNS map
March 12, 2013 WNS map553.12 KB
March 11, 2013 WNS map Pickens County, South Carolina confirmed.
March 11, 2013 WNS map
March 11, 2013 WNS map551.23 KB
Updated WNS map for March 8, 2013 Confirmation of WNS in Medina County, Ohio
March 8, 2013 WNS map
March 8, 2013 WNS map551.12 KB

March 1, 2013 WNS map

Prince Edward Island, Canada:
Prince and Queens counties confirmed

New Brunswick, Canada:
Northumberland County confirmed

Hardin, LaSalle, Monroe, and Pope counties confirmed

March 1, 2013 WNS map
March 1, 2013 WNS map548.74 KB

Illinois Counties confirmed: Hardin, LaSalle, Monroe, Pope Kentucky County confirmed: Hart

February 28, 2013 WNS Map
February 28, 2013 WNS Map549.19 KB

February 21, 2013 WNS Map


Kentucky counties confirmed: Carter, Christian, Letcher, Warren

Kentucky counties suspect: Hart


Pennsylvania county suspect: York

February 21, 2013 WNS Map
February 21, 2013 WNS Map546.55 KB
February 15, 2013 WNS Map Virginia: Lee County confirmed. Tennessee: Fentress county updated from suspect to confirmed. Campbell, Houston and Warren Counties confirmed. Pennsylvania: Clinton County updated to suspect for 2011-2012 after reviewing records.
February 15, 2013 WNS map
February 15, 2013 WNS map547 KB
January 25, 2013 WNS Map With the addition of Crawford County, Missouri
January 25, 2013 WNS map
January 25, 2013 WNS map547.22 KB
A fact sheet from the National Park Service about white-nose syndrome and how it is being addressed.
WNS map updated 1/16/13 Addition of Edmonson County, KY with confirmation of WNS at Mammoth Cave National Park Addition of Bell County, KY
WNS map 1/16/13
WNS map 1/16/13548.44 KB

Fall 2012 Newsletter from the Western Bat Working Group (WBWG)

WBWG Fall 2012 Newsletter (PDF)2.49 MB
Bat Conservation International and the National Park Service teamed up to present this webinar for all NPS employees who may encounter bats in buildings, including natural and cultural resource, administrative, facilities and maintenance, interpretation, planning, concessions, and law enforcement pe
What the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is doing to protect the bats of Wisconsin from white nose syndrome with plenty of helpful links.

Join us Tuesday, September 18 for an "electronic field trip" from Bracken Cave, which is the summer home of the world's largest bat colony. Watch the program live as millions of bats emerge from the cave!

To register and for more information, visit the BatsLIVE website.

BatsLIVE logo
BatsLIVE! Bracken flyer (pdf)1.97 MB
8/8/2012 WNS map Addition of Rockingham County, NH as suspect (PCR+ for Gd)
8/8/2012 WNS map
8/8/2012 WNS map539.21 KB
Lac-Saint-Jean-Est Region of Quebec, region mapped as confirmed. During spring 2012, WNS was detected in a site that had been free from WNS since the beginning of the surveillance program in 2009. Visual observation of bats with WNS symptoms during the spring 2012. Histopathology cofirmed.
8/3/2012 WNS map
8/3/2012 WNS map537.85 KB
WNS map updated with addition of Cumberland County, Nova Scotia, Canada
8/2/2012 WNS map
8/2/2012 WNS map540.46 KB
WNS Map updated 7/27/12 Previously suspect Pennsylvania counties confirmed through histopathology: Clarion, Clearfield, Forest, and Warren.
7/27/12 WNS map
7/27/12 WNS Map542.08 KB
Revised decontamination guidance with language clarifying recommended decontamination procedures based on manufacturers' suggested product usage. Please check back for updated decontamination information.
Agenda and Abstracts from 2012 WNS Symposium. Transactions document currently under review, and may replace earlier versions.
June 15, 2012 WNS map Addition of suspect counties: Jackson Co., Iowa Addition of confirmed (previously suspect) counties: Beaver, Bedford, Armstrong/Butler, Jefferson, and Cambria Counties in Pennsylvania
June 15, 2012 WNS map
June 15, 2012 WNS map538.88 KB