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Reflects a little brown bat collected in May 2015 near the city of Gaspé, adjacent to Forillon National Park in the region of Gaspésie, testing positive for white-nose syndrome. This represents the farthest east case of WNS in Québec and it is the first county positive in the Gaspésie region.
Updated white-nose syndrome map October 5, 2015
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Reflects swab taken in March testing positive from a mine shaft in Stanly County, North Carolina. This represents a new county and region of North Carolina afected. All other Pd/WNS-positive counties are in the mountains and this record is from the Piedmont region.
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The purpose of this document is to provide consistent Acceptable Management Practices (AMPs) for nuisance wildlife control operators (NWCOs) to reduce impacts on bats during bat control or removal activities in structures.
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White-nose syndrome fact sheet updated July 2015.
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Reflects the detection of P.d.(fungus that causes white-nose syndrome) in Oachita and Ozark mountains and confirmation of white-nose syndrome in Garland and Polk counties in Arkansas.
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Reflects spread of the fungus and white-nose syndrome in eastern Oklahoma's Delaware County. With these new findings, Oklahoma becomes the third state where the fungus has been confirmed, but the disease is not yet present.

Updated white-nose syndrome map May 19, 2015
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Learn about White-Nose Syndrome and what you can do to help bats through this cool infographic!

White-nose syndrome infographic
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Reflects spread of the fungus and white-nose syndrome in two new areas in western Ontario, Canada: confirmed near Atikokan and "suspect" near Beardmore. The Atikokan site is the furthest west site confirmed for white-nose syndrome in Canada.
Updated white-nose syndrome map May 1, 2015
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Reflects white-nose syndrome confirmed in Delta County, Michigan.
Updated white-nose syndrome map April 29, 2015
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Reflects first-time confirmation of white-nose syndrome in Iowa: Des Moines and Van Buren Counties and in Missouri Clay, Ralls, Moniteau, Ozark, St. Francois, Callaway, Cooper, and Miller counties all "suspect" for the disease.
Updated white-nose syndrome map April 17, 2015