White-nose Syndrome Response Logo

The White-nose Syndrome Communications and Outreach Working Group developed a logo to represent the collective response to white-nose syndrome, an often deadly disease of some species of North American hibernating bats.

If your agency, organization, university or group is involved in the response to white-nose syndrome on any of its committees or working groups or have received funding through any of the white-nose syndrome partner agencies, please feel free to use any version of this logo on your digital, web and printed products to show that you are part of the response team. Visit here for a list of partners in the response.

If you are interested in becoming involved in the response to white-nose syndrome, please see our Contacts page.

What does it mean?

The logo design is meant to symbolize the collective concern we have for bats and white-nose syndrome and hope that through our help, bats in North America will survive in the face of this devastating disease. The blue-gloved hands represent us and our efforts and the bat flying out of our hands represent healthy bats free from the effects of white-nose syndrome.

For more information on how to use this logo, please contact Catherine_Hibbard@fws.gov, 413-253-8569.


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