Effects of white-nose syndrome on hibernating bat populations: Application of stochastic mathematical models -- Progress Report (July 2011)

Thomas Hallam, Ph.D.-- University of Tennessee; Gary McCracken, Ph.D. -- University of Tennessee; Dobromir Dimitrov, Ph.D. -- Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center-SCHARP; Paula Federico, Ph.D. -- Ohio State University; and Jeffery Nichols, Ph.D. -- Oak Ridge National Laboratory - Progress report outlines three priorities that have been investigated in relation to WNS. These include the following: 1). Estimate the probabilities for infection in uninfected hibernacula; 2). Formulate and optimize control strategies; and 3). Demonstrate environmental conditions that govern the structure of WNS to discover more about Gd. Progress in each priority has been outlined, and preliminary abstracts have been provided. (July 2011)