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Through our White-nose Syndrome grants program we provided initial funding for urgent research projects to allow them to get under way quickly. Now our funding efforts are shifting to support carefully targeted priorities based on priorities identified by the WNS science meetings and the emerging WNS national strategy. We will examine existing research efforts to identify critical gaps in which our funding can make a difference. BCI is also working closely with federal, state and private groups to set implement standardized guidelines and priorities for White-nose Syndrome surveillance, monitoring and mitigation. We are supporting efforts to monitor the spread of White-nose Syndrome and understand its distribution. We are providing targeted information to managers and decision-makers to assist in WNS preparedness, and establishing concepts for delivering information to our partners, the public and media. Only through active collaboration with scientists, managers, lawmakers and the public will we have a chance to maintain sustainable bat populations in the wake of White-nose Syndrome.

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