American Association of Wildlife Veterinarians

Our Goals:
  • To enhance the contribution of veterinary medicine to the welfare of the wildlife resource.
  • To encourage and promote a philosophy of animal management and preventative medicine as it relates to free-ranging species.
  • To encourage an increased emphasis in colleges of veterinary medicine relative to management and preventative medicine of free-ranging species.
  • To encourage the recognition of disease syndromes in their broadest sense as potentially influenced by habitat succession, alteration and pollution.
  • To educate and gain rapport with government agencies and wildlife resource interest groups concerning the importance of wildlife preventative medicine and disease in relation to the wildlife resource and domestic species.
  • To educate and inform governmental agencies and wildlife resource interest groups of support and educational services which may be provided by wildlife veterinarians.
  • To promote and encourage the utilization of veterinarians in the field of wildlife resource management and research.
  • To encourage cooperative efforts among resource management professionals and wildlife veterinarians.
  • To stress the importance of the inter-relationships of human, domestic animals and wildlife as reservoirs of disease.
  • To help establish and work for continuing education programs for wildlife veterinarians.

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