White-Nose Syndrome Response Plans

United States National Response Plan

A National Plan for Assisting States, Federal Agencies, and Tribes in Managing White-Nose Syndrome in Bats.

Published May 2011

White-nose Syndrome National Plan
News Release (May 17, 2011)
WNS National Plan Q&A (May 2011)


Canadian National Response Plan

 A National Plan to manage White Nose Syndrome in bats in Canada

The Canadian National Response Plan can be accessed here.

For more information on the Canadian plan you can visit their website.


Federal Response Plans

National Park Service

Mammoth Cave National Park White-Nose Syndrome Response Plan (January 2011)


State Response Plans


Alabama White-nose Syndrome Management Plan (June 2010)


Colorado White-nose Syndrome Response Plan, and Surveillance Plan and Protocols (2011-2012)


Georgia White-nose Syndrome Response Plan (June 19, 2010)


Kentucky White-nose Syndrome Response Plan (January, 2014)


Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment White-nose Syndrome Response Plan (December 2010)


White-nose Syndrome Action Plan (April 12, 2010)

New Mexico

White-nose Syndrome Interagency Response Plan for New Mexico (November 5, 2010)

North Carolina

White-Nose Syndrome Interagency Response Plan for North Carolina (December 2013)

South Carolina

South Carolina White-nose Syndrome Response Plan (August 2011)


White-nose Syndrome Cooperative Monitoring and Response Plan for Tennessee (December 1, 2010)


Wyoming WNS Strategic Plan (November 2012)