National WNS team meets with USFWS Deputy Director Dan Ashe

National WNS Coordinator Jeremy Coleman and Communications Leader Ann Froschauer met today with Deputy Director Dan Ashe at the USFWS Northeast Regional Biologists Conference in Baltimore, Md. Ashe, nominated as director of the USFWS, addressed questions about the USFWS response to white-nose syndrome during a confirmation hearing earlier this week. Over 400 fish and wildlife biologists from the Northeast attended the conference, where Coleman presented a session on the history, current research and management strategy related to white-nose syndrome. Guest speakers, noteably Dr. Tom Kunz of the Center for Ecology and Conservation Biology, Boston University and Michael Schirmacher of Bat Conservation International, also discussed methods for assessing impacts and mitigation strategies for reducing fatalities at utility-scale wind-energy facilities. Several species of cave hibernating bats affected by white-nose syndrome are also reported to suffer significant fatalities at wind-energy facilities.