Using multiple agency perspectives to improve communication strategies for bat recovery from WNS

How do we get people to help bats when they pose a disease risk as carriers of rabies and are often portrayed as scary, creepy creatures? Though effective communication!

This report by Dr. Heidi Kretser of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) shares the findings of a project that is part of a larger effort of WCS to facilitate conservation and recovery of bats affected by WNS by determining how the public reacts to inconsistent messages about bats from wildlife and public health agencies and recommending communication strategies to meet diverse agency mandates.  The goal of this project is to understand multiple organizational perspectives on communication strategies about bats and identify messages that can both promote bat conservation and protect public health.

The report provides six specific recommendations to begin the process of aligning communication messages about bats from wildlife and health organizations and improving long-term potential for the public to take actions that benefit bats.

The project was made possible through the support provided by the US Fish and Wildlife Service and administered through the Wildlife Management Institute Small Grants Program.

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Collage of bat photos