Pulling for Bats - Bat Week 2016 – Join the challenge and make a difference for bats!

We warmly invite you to join us for Bat Week 2016, an annual celebration dedicated to sharing the importance of those flying, furry mammals we love—and need—so much. We’re excited and you should be, too!

During Bat WeekOctober 24-31, we invite you to host an invasive plant pull to help improve habitat and food for bats and other wildlife. Bats that feed on insects can have a harder time finding healthy food when invasive plants move in. By hosting a “Pulling for Bats” event, you can keep your weed warriors engaged this fall and help out bats!  You can register your event online at http://www.batweek.org/ beginning on Wednesday, 8/31/2016. 

 Things to Know:

  • You can register your site as a “Pulling for Bats” location by registering here beginning 8/31/16.  Your location will be listed on the website for the public to see. 
  • A free promotional flyer is available at www.batweek.org –just add your event  information
  • We are also providing a list of recommended invasive plants to consider pulling during your event.  But, any invasive plant will do!
  • Your event can occur any day/time during Bat Week, October 24-31, 2016
  • Pictures of your event can be posted to https://www.facebook.com/BatWeek/

Can’t host a weed pull?  No problem!  You can be involved in Bat Week in lots of other ways too.  You could give an educational presentation at a local school to get kids interested in bats, throw a Bat Week party at your local library or visitors center, host an outdoor event for families such as a Fall night hike—or anything that will help spread the word about bats.  Be creative! Get involved! Be a bat champion!

We’re cheering you on—and providing great materials to help make your Bat Week celebrations a success.  We hope you can join us during Bat Week to help spread the word about the importance of our bats!

Bat Week is organized by a team of representatives from Bat Conservation International, U.S. Forest Service, Organization for Bat Conservation, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, The Save Lucy Campaign, Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative, Parks Canada Agency, Lubee Bat Conservancy, and Wildlife Acoustics. 


Line drawing of a bat pulling a weed.