USGS National Wildlife Health Center released updated Bat Submission Guidelines for WNS

From Wildlife Health Bulletin 2014-01
"The National Wildlife Health Center (NWHC) has updated the Bat Submission Guidelines for the 2013/2014 WNS surveillance season. These guidelines, which are available on the NWHC WNS Web page, replace all previous NWHC bat submission criteria. Included are reference charts to assist submitters with selecting priority species and appropriate samples for diagnostic submission based on location (a map that designates WNS Management Areas as either within the endemic area, the intermediate area, or the at-risk area is included on page 10). These guidelines support the WNS National Plan surveillance objectives for identifying new geographic locations and bat species impacted by WNS and its causative agent, Pseudogymnoascus (formerly Geomyces) destructans."

"New this year, NWHC is providing limited numbers of swab sampling kits to select states within the intermediate WNS Management Area to assist with early detection of P. destructans. NWHC is hoping to extend this non-lethal sampling option into other WNS Management Areas in the future (contact Anne Ballmann at for more information). To confirm WNS in new areas or bat species, please collect and submit samples for histopathological evaluation. For best diagnostic interpretation, whole carcasses are preferable to wing biopsies. For more details, please refer to the submission guidelines."

Links to the Bat Submission Guidelines and WHB: