U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Awards 2.5 Million Dollars To Address Deadly Bat Disease

September 29, 2015

Contact: Catherine Hibbard, 413-253-8569; Jeremy Coleman, 413-253-8223

As the international response to combat white-nose syndrome continues, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is announcing an additional $2.5 million in grants for research, management and communications projects. These new investments will further the effort to stop the spread of this deadly fungal disease that has killed millions of North American bats, which are critical to the economy and environment, since it was first documented in New York in 2007.

The Service provided grants to 26 projects in three categories:

• Federal agency projects to increase capacity for research and response to white-nose syndrome;

• Research and communication projects ($30,000 or less each) open to non-U.S. federal applicants;

• Research projects to address priorities established by multi-agency working groups under a national response plan for white-nose syndrome.

Individual awards ranged from $7,500 to $300,000. The $2,541,501 in grants will be matched with more than $1.3 million from recipient agencies and organizations.