Project Edubat Inspires Kids to Learn about Bats, White-Nose Syndrome

Contact: Catherine Hibbard: 413-531-4276, Cindy Sandeno: 414-297-1254

“Bats ROCK!” said third-grader Samantha Colaw. Samantha, daughter of schoolteacher Julie Colaw, became a bat crusader after her mother discovered Project Edubat, a newly launched educational program about these often-misunderstood flying mammals funded by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The brainchild of Cindy Sandeno of the U.S. Forest Service and fellow bat enthusiasts, Project Edubat includes curricula that meet national educational requirements for students in elementary grades through high school. Posters, activities and presentations are available on-line and more than 30 educational bat trunks are available across the country for educators to check out for hands-on learning. Trunks include bat skeletons and skulls, books, videos, brochures, and materials to create a bat mural and other fun craft activities.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service hosts Edubat trunks at nine locations around the country. Most sites service multiple states, so with the cost of shipping, a trunk is available anywhere within the U.S. Visit for information on the program and how you may borrow a trunk.

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Students look at bat skeleton
Students remove "bats" from mist net.
Students wear protective gloves as if they were handling a real bat.
Samantha and her winning Social Studies project.