White-nose syndrome news

White-nose Syndrome Confirmed in Federally Endangered Gray Bats

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) has confirmed the presence of white-nose syndrome in federally listed endangered gray bats (Myotis grisecens) in Hawkins and Montgomery counties in Tennessee.

USDA Forest Service extends cave closure in Southern Region (May 21, 2012)

USDA Forest Service Southern Region extends emergency closure of caves and mines on National Forest System Lands through May 21, 2013

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Funds White Nose Syndrome Research in Bats

NEW YORK - May 18, 2012 - EcoHealth Alliance, a nonprofit organization that focuses on local conservation and global health issues, and USGS - National Wildlife Health Center announced the award of a grant received from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to research environmental factors that contribute to the increase and spread of white-nose syndrome in U.S. bat species.

USGS National Wildlife Health Center continues WNS Research

New research on white-nose syndrome (WNS) in bats will investigate environmental conditions in caves and mines used by hibernating bats. The research will focus on the fungus Geomyces destructans, which causes the fatal disease.

White-Nose Syndrome Found in Lookout Mountain Cave, Chickamauga and Chattanooga NMP

Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park (NPS) has confirmed WNS in Hamilton County, TN.