White-nose syndrome news

White-nose syndrome spreads in Kentucky

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources has detected white-nose syndrome in bats at three Breckinridge County caves.

Histopathology Confirms White-Nose Syndrome in Bats in Europe

White-nose syndrome, associated with the fungal skin infection geomycosis, caused regional population collapse in bats in North America. This study, based on histopathology, show the presence of white-nose syndrome in Europe.

Bat Killing Fungus Detected at Liberty Park (Summit County, Ohio)

Biologists have confirmed the presence of white-nose syndrome in bats living in the caves and ledges of Liberty Park in Twinsburg, OH. The number of infected bats in this northern Summit County park is unknown, but the fungus responsible for white-nose syndrome (WNS) has killed more than 5 million bats in eastern North America since it was first detected during the winter of 2006-07. The first documented case in Ohio was in 2011. Park staff made the local discovery following a weekly survey of the area in mid-January. Biologists found a dead little brown bat outside one of the park’s off-...