Disease Management


The National WNS Plan recognizes that actions are necessary to slow the expansion of the disease to unaffected regions of the continent, and to develop intervention strategies to treat and protect susceptible bat species, without having unintentional consequences to the ecosystems in which they are found. The Disease Management Working Group has developed an Action Plan to investigate ways to reduce disease transmission, decrease the virulence of the disease, increase survivorship of infected individuals, and minimize the impacts of the disease in affected areas while avoiding unacceptable risks to other biota and natural systems. A primary objective of this working group is to identify optimal timing, locations, and methods for implementing management tools to that include decontamination protocols, guidance, and strategies for deploying treatments to bats and their habitats. This Action Plan is meant to be an adaptive product that will be periodically reviewed and updated as disease management tools and techniques are identified and developed.



Jonathan Reichard (jonathan_reichard@fws.gov)