Data and Technical Information Management


The National WNS Plan recognizes that the management and scientific information is critical to States, Federal agencies, Tribes, and other groups involved in the investigation and management of WNS.  The Data and Technical Information Working Group has developed an Action Plan to develop a WNS disease tracking database and enhance the USGS Bat Population Database to serve as the data repositories for diagnostic data as well as bat population monitoring and surveillance data on a national scale.  This Action Plan is meant to be an adaptive product that will be periodically reviewed and updated to incorporate advancements made in data management and web-based applications so that information can by rapidly disseminated to the scientific community working on WNS-based issues.




Jeremy Coleman (


The following people helped to develop this Data Management Plan, from February through August 2012:


Laura E. Ellison, U.S. Geological Survey

Paul Cryan, U. S. Geological Survey

Joy O’Keefe, Indiana State University

Richard Truex, U.S. Forest Service

Joshua Dein, U.S. Geological Survey

Lance Everette, U.S. Geological Survey

Jeremy Coleman, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Susan Loeb, U.S. Forest Service

Kevin Castle, National Park Service

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