Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
"The Department of Natural Resources is the lead agency for WNS response in Wisconsin. The WDNR collaborates with state, tribal, federal and local agencies to control the impacts of WNS in the state. The role of WDNR includes: 1. Manage Wisconsin WNS Surveillance and Response 2. Organize and lead the State’s WNS science and stakeholder advisory groups 3. Inventory of bats and key bat sites such as hibernacula and maternity roosts 4. Implement surveillance, field investigations and other activities associated with WNS 5. Receive suspect WNS cases reported by partners involved with an initial health watch including: bat rehabilitators, WSLH colleague’s working with bats, and nuisance animal control. 6. Prevent anthropogenic spread of WNS by: • permit only safe practices for bat rehabilitation. • mandate biosecurity measures and cave closures when appropriate and necessary 7. Lead implementation of response efforts specific to the identification of WNS 8. Long-term database management: collect and archive data on WI WNS cases in coordination with Bureau of Wildlife Management, Wildlife Health. 9. Communicate with USFWS and other key regional and national agencies and working groups tracing the spread of the disease. 10. Communicate with state, federal and local agencies involved with the WNS incident, and the public. 11. Lead agency for outreach and public education 12. Collaborate with the DATCP and the USDA to control of the disease including disposal of infected carcasses "
Contact Information
101 S. Webster St. P.O. Box 7921
Madison, WI 53707-7921
Phone: 608-266-2621

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