Georgia Department of Natural Resources

Biologists with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (GA DNR) developed a WNS plan and are actively participating in education and monitoring/surveillance for WNS in the state. Georgia has several hibernacula, which are surveyed every year to search for signs of WNS. GA DNR also works with the caving community in the state to detect early signs of WNS. Biologists monitor summer roost colonies of gray bats and southeastern myotis to look for changes in population size. We are also completing Anabat acoustic survey routes throughout the state, recording bat calls along pre-determined survey routes every year. Biologists regularly give presentations about bats and WNS. We developed a website to provide information about WNS and forms for submitting bats and data to GA DNR. GA DNR has also worked with researchers to collect samples for WNS research. Biologists regularly attended meetings and conference calls to learn about the constantly changing WNS information.
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Nongame Conservation Section 2065 US Hwy 278 SE
Social Circle, GA 30025
Phone: 770-918-6411

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